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Need help from the WBC ladies!!!!!!

I was told this was the place to come for all things wedding so I'm here for help ladies.

We've been together for almost a year and I got a tip from his mom that he's gonna propose on my b'day (June 5th) but he's stumped on the ring! I am also stumped, so ladies plz plz plz help me choose!

Omigosh! I'm gonna be engaged... aaaah!
light1882's Orange wedding
 |  Tonganoxie, KS, USA  |  04/01/2010  | 
Personally, I like square cut stones. If he's stumped on the ring, go shopping with his mom or a friend and then point out what you like. Then have that person shop with him. Or go shopping with him and drop big hints.
dirtndiamonds's Black wedding
 |  Fort scott, KS, USA  |  04/01/2010  | 
I like the square flower the best. :) I think if you talk weddings somewhat often (my FH and I did in very vague terms) then you can drop hints about what you like "Oh, random thing I saw this picture of a ring the other day ... it was SO unique and pretty!" and explain what it's like. If you like all the ones shown then he could very easily be able to choose one from the lot. Also let your mom, etc... know specifics! :)
honeybee's Purple wedding
 |  Brandon, MS, USA  |  04/01/2010  | 
I like the cluster square.
innomaki's Blue wedding
 |  Roodepoort, Sant julia de loria, South africa  |  04/01/2010  | 
I love square flower then princess one! Wow great picks!
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Hi girls. 1st congrats to the ladies who were just married and who have crossed over to marriage....
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