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Shoe Time
I am having a hard time choosen

I have been up last night and this morning looking at shoes. I don't want to wait to purchase them so I have been on the hunt!! Here are my choices and let me know what you think!!

Shoe 1- Stuart Weitzman almost $200.00. I love these but I think I can find something similar but cheaper.
Shoe 2-Kate Spade, $300.00
Shoe 3- RSVP $85.00
Shoe 4- Nina Elk $90.00
Shoe 5-RSVP $100.00
's  wedding
 |  Asheville, NC, USA  |  10/31/2009  | 
Have you tried all of them on??? If so - go with the one that is most comfortable. If not - order them all online - especially now that most shoe stores have free shipping both ways and they come in 24 hours - then try them on. Personally I am a Stuart Weisman girl, but comfort is key.
tweatie2's Red wedding
 |  Houston, TX, USA  |  10/31/2009  | 
I like the 3rd shoe.
mrsm2b2010's Chocolate wedding
 |  Boonville, NY, USA  |  10/31/2009  | 
My #1 favorite is the Nina (4)
followed VERY closely by both RSVP's!!!
I'm no help!
kristah's Green wedding
 |  Surrey, BC, Canada  |  10/31/2009  | 
I love #3!
gratefulbride's Blue wedding
 |  Charlotte, NC, USA  |  10/31/2009  | 
I like #1 & #3!  I think # 3 would also be pretty with a rhinestone brooch on the front.
bryde2b's Pink wedding
 |  Dedham, MA, USA  |  10/31/2009  | 
If your like me and have slender feet I would go with #5.  It has the ankle strap so if they do stretch out they will still stay on.
blkbutterfly's Pink wedding
 |  Killeen, TX, USA  |  10/31/2009  | 
Thank you ladies!! I think my choice will be the third shoe!! I like them as well unless I can find the first shoe on ebay for much less!!
goingtobemrsb's Black wedding
 |  Thunder bay, ON, Canada  |  10/31/2009  | 
I love both RSVP shoes, especially #5!
mrsallaway2b's Green wedding
 |  USA  |  11/01/2009  | 
OMG! I love them ALL! But I definitely gravitated to #3 and #5. But I think you won't go wrong with any of them. VERY nice.
futuremrsbutler's Chocolate wedding
 |  Marrero, LA, USA  |  11/01/2009  | 
number 2 is adorable
nantashas's Pink wedding
 |  Philadelphia, PA, USA  |  01/23/2010  | 
I love shoe number 5
's  wedding
 |  Dallas, TX, USA  |  11/02/2011  | 
All are lovely!! But #2 and #5 are awesome!
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