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How much is your Limo? $

SO I started looking into a Limo
for a 4 hour rental. During this time it won't be driving very
much, but It would get the whole wedding party from
Getting ready, to the ceremony & then to photos & then to the reception.
So I think it would be great to have.

Pricing is $400 (for a 9 passenger standard white limo)
or $700 (for the stretch navigator 14 passenger)

We can get away with the 9 passenger, but I LOVE the larger navigator.
Anyways, what did you choose?
And what prices did you find?
And if you are already married & got a limo was it worth the price?

sugarr2518's Pink wedding
 |  Jesup, IA, USA  |  06/23/2011  | 
We decided to go with a charter bus because we have  a pretty big wedding party and we wanted their significant others to come, if they wanted.  We got the  bus for 2 hours for $450 which wasn't too bad! For a 14 passenger limo,it usually runs about $400-500
futuremrslilley's Pink wedding
 |  London, ON, Canada  |  06/24/2011  | 
We went witha 18 passenger Lincon Navigator for 12 hours and it came to $1500 (including taxes and tip for driver). Plus, we get 4 bottles of champaigne, breakfest and snacks in the afternoon.
laurie88's Orange wedding
 |  Westminster, MD, USA  |  06/24/2011  | 
We did a 'party bus' we aren't doing a limo to and from the Ceremony and Reception for the Bridal party because we are already staying at the resort. For our Party Bus it was $1000 (tax, and tip included for driver) We have to provide the alcohol but that's fine.. I'll  figure out something to buy to have in there for everyone. We rented it for 9 hours. 4pm-1am
sweetpea13's Pink wedding
 |  Uniontown, PA, USA  |  06/24/2011  | 
For 4 hours and stocked bar and just married signs I have to pay 900. For all of you guys doing the 4 hours. What are you doing for after your wedding. Are you renting another limo or are you guys driving.
luckybride10's Blue wedding
 |  Pittsboro, NC, USA  |  06/24/2011  | 
We got a 12 passenger limo for 8 hours at $650. Ours looks just like your photo, white with the black top.
nyraglam's Purple wedding
 |  Houston, TX, USA  |  06/24/2011  | 
I decided to do 2 super stretch limos and a rolls royce for 3 hrs for $900.  We had to do 2 different limos because the bridal party is getting ready at one location and the groomsmen at another and I'm doing the rolls for myself because I just always wanted one at my wedding...lol
andrewloveskim's Purple wedding
 |  Rosebery, 02, Australia  |  06/24/2011  | 
We got an 11 seater ford stretch for $795 (AUD) for 4 hours as it's off season on the day he ended up bringing the upgraded 11 seater chrysler (My husband was SO excited!!)
angelalovechris's Black wedding
 |  Kelowna, BC, Canada  |  06/29/2011  | 
I guess my price quotes seem pretty accurate!  Gosh why is everything sooooooooo expensive!!!
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