This is alsacc4's Chocolate Wedding!

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This is the bridesmaids dress
This is the bridesmaids dress
Problem with the Bridesmaid Dresses
okay so here's the deal..i found a dress in brown that i would love for the girls to wear but the problem is that the smallest size they have is a 4 and one of my BM is smaller than that...So me and my MOH decided to see if we could find someone that can alter it to fit her and if we can we would find the MOH a burnt orange dress and let the others wear the brown... the thing is we are having a hard time finding a burnt orange dress that dont cost a bunch of money and is the same length at the others? PLEASE if anyone can help PLEASE PLEASE let me know...Thanks!!
centerpiece 1
centerpiece 1
centerpiece 2
final_pumpkins 4
pumpkin centerpieces
centerpiece 1centerpiece 2final_pumpkins 4pumpkin centerpiecesChocolate Centerpiece Ideas What do yall think??
Centerpiece Ideas
What do yall think??
Okay so since our wedding is in NOvember and my main colors are burnt orange and Chocolate... I though about using Pumpkins as the center pieces and putting flowers (gerbera daises and/or mums) in thim..i think it will be really cute what do yall think?

Since our wedding is going to be at 5pm we were thinking about having something like the third photo sitting outside the church and even some inside as well

We are even thinking about carving our last initial in one and sitting on the bride and groom table
Chocolate Changed the Date...AGAIN!!
Changed the Date...AGAIN!!
okay so we changed the date...AGAIN!! but this IS the last time we do
We had it set for September 4, 2010..but we thought why wait..
and now i am stressing a bit..okay alot.. i hadnt started on anything because i had over a year so i wasnt really worried about it now i am...but it going to be a okay..just as long as i get the big things done before school starts august 24...RIGHT? o well i have my dress so at least i have that
Chocolate We have our preacher!!
We have our preacher!!
Im sooo so excited...I have known Bobby Butler for about 9 or 10 years and he also dates my aunt... he is a wonderful man and an awesome preacher... and we are so excited he has agreed to be the preacher at our wedding...the only thing is that we have to go to counseling one day a week starting 6 weeks before the wedding, which is okay by me.. i mean i think it something everyone should do before they get married...What do yall think?
Chocolate Changed the date once again!
Changed the date once again!
Well we have changed the date for about the forth or fifth time now and I hope it's the last... We changed it this time because I totally forgot that my aunt will be over seas in 2010 and she gets a 15 day leave in sept. So I really wanted her to be there and she did too so we changed it for her and we are not changing it again unless we absolutely have to which we shouldn't.. So now I have the when and where but now I am changing the colors and I have no idea what colors would be good for a sept wedding.. Any advice will be very very appeciated!
where he proposed
where he proposed
The Proposal
well his parents took us and his brother to Disney World for Christmas and on Christmas night they wanted to go to magic kingdom. When we got there it was sooo pack you could hardly walk. Everyone was there to see the fireworks. well after the fireworks they said they wanted to go ride some rides.we finally got away from the crowd and ended up on a bridge beside the castle. Adam went to look over the bridge to look at something and i went over there by him. We stood there for a second and then he pulls a rapped box out of his pocket and tells me to open it. When i saw the ring he took it and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. i was so so Happy and surprised


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Abigail Leigh Smithey
Adam Craig Coker
Nov 07, 2009
New Albany, Mississippi, United States
Ecru Baptist Church`
Ecru Baptist Church
Kathy McDonald
I'm so excited my wedding colors are chocolate, red, orange, and yellow
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