This is so fun. And that drink looks DELISH.
This is so fun. And that drink looks DELISH.
The perfect shade of pink.
My nails for our engagament photos. {photo credit: nataschia wielink}
OPI Bridal
OPI Bridal Shades
This is so fun. And that drink looks DELISH.The perfect shade of pink.Amazing!My nails for our engagament photos.
{photo credit: nataschia wielink}OPI BridalOPI Bridal Shades

strictly girl talk: the nail situation

after stumbling across the picture of this bride and her stinkin' cute red polka dot nails, i started to think about how i wanted my own nails to look on the big day, including my little piggies. i will probably stick with the same colour on my toes as on my finger nails but am debating between a classic bridal pastel, or something a little more fun, unexpected and vibrant.

{opi} makes the prettiest bridal polish in shades of pink, ivory and beige~and would look really cute on super short nails. i also like the way french manicures look, but i feel the need to stray from that for some reason, and go for something a little more unique.

for our engagement photos i had my nails painted a cherry red by {opi} called "big apple red" that turned out perfectly in all the photos. it added just the right amount of pop and jazz.

i will probably co-ordinate my nails with my bridesmaids, and hope that my nail girl "rose" can help me come up with something fun and girlie. most likely pretty in pink. who am i kidding? definitely pink.
mrsbowe2be's Chocolate wedding
 |  Wilmington, DE, USA  |  01/07/2011  | 
Nice!  I love statement nails and OPI is my favorite nail polish (Skinny Dippin' in Lake Michigan is my go to color).  I think that will be cute to go outside of the box with your nails on your wedding day!  I plan to :)
alicia2011's Blue wedding
 |  Lake mills, WI, USA  |  01/07/2011  | 
Very cute idea! It'll make for some fun pictures
misspriss's Black wedding
 |  Gander, NL, Canada  |  01/07/2011  | 
uberblondebride's Blue wedding
 |  Calgary, AB, Canada  |  01/07/2011  | 
hannikay's Pink wedding
 |  Hobart, 06, Australia  |  01/07/2011  | 
I'm still flouuuundering around on this topic! 35 days to go.. I'm getting to the point where it just doesn't matter. Just desparate to be with my boy!

{opi} looks dreamy! Haven't heard of them.. wonder if they sell in Australia! That palate in the last pic is all joy.

Pink would be super perfect on you, my girl. I know you'll rock whatever shade you do.
loveatthebeach's Blue wedding
 |  Portsmouth, NH, USA  |  01/08/2011  | 
I love that first picture. It is so fun and unique. I can definitely see you with pink nails on your wedding day. But maybe you could do more of a bright pink than a pastel pink. Or do a cool design or something. Either way, I'm sure you'll come up with the perfect thing for you and it will look beautiful.
I'm not sure what I want to do either. I definitely want to do something fun, but I'm afraid teal nails would be a bit much. lol. Maybe I could do teal on my toes and do something a little more low key on my fingers.
kittyvenglish's Orange wedding
 |  Forestburg, AB, Canada  |  01/08/2011  | 
I love that POP of color. I was thinking about this too, so your not alone! Nails are very important, they show up in all the photos for the most part!
I'm thinking of doing orange on my toe nails and orange tips for my nails, but I'm not sure yet about the orange tips yet...

Pink! lol. Love it. thanks for posting those pics, how fun!
fairytalebride's Blue wedding
 |  Toronto, ON, Canada  |  01/08/2011  | 
hmm.. i've given some thought and theres so many ways i would like to go my colours are turquoise blue, white and a lil silver so i thought of all white nails with a just turquoise tips french manicure style all turquoise with white tips not really sure yet  i just know there will turquoise blue on my nails that day lol! on both hands and toes as for my girls prolly silver
tashasita's Purple wedding
 |  Toronto, ON, Canada  |  01/10/2011  | 
I love the pink idea! Agree on a brighter pink, maybe a pretty rosey colour? Love the one in the second pic! Lovely!

I loooove the first pic too awwww!
acowleysoontobe's Pink wedding
 |  Scarborough, ON, Canada  |  01/10/2011  | 
Thanks girlies! I am pretty positive I am going with a fun and flirty nail...I just can't commit to one! Sounds like all of you have some great ideas!

Brittany~Do the blue on your toes...it can be your "something blue" and if you're wearing peep toes, will look so cute poking out of them! I think teal tootsies would be super cute :)

Kitty~I love the orange! You could do orange on your toes as planned...and even to tone down your manicure, you could do french tip with a line of orange under the white tip? Adds a little pop of colour :)

Thanks Girlies!
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