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90 days and counting :)
So I missed the 100 day mark! :( But I am writing on the 90 day mark!

My future sister-in-law gets married this weekend! so I just got in from celebrating her bachlorette party. It was rather fun, but not my cup of tea. Glad to be home, though. Next weekend we also move into our own place! So we have some busy days coming up!!

Also my worst fear was confirmed the other day. As you might recall the best man ran off to South Korea. Well he sent us an email saying that he will be unable to attend the wedding. Which was alright, cuz I was kinda already thinking he wouldn't come, so it wasn't that much of a shock. Its just sad cuz he is my FH best friend and he isn't even coming to the wedding. I'm sure FH is upset, but he is handling it good!

Also we are having to make other arrangements for the honeymoon! Our original source of funding got cut, so we won't be able to do our first choice. Jamaica Sandals resort! BOOO! But we are looking at other options right now, so thats been kinda fun!

As far as the wedding front goes, I have finished the invitations and have them all ready to go! Just need to start addressing the envelopes and then I will post a picture on here! They are pocketfolds and turned out AMAZING! I highly recommend Staples for printing if you have any printing problems! So I will send them out in about a month, and then y'all will get pictures then!

I think that covers things for now! Hope everyone is having a GREAT and SAFE fourth of July!!! Wahoo!
Still to do
119 days left..
Welp, we are less than 120 days left and I have slacked off major!

1. Invitations are partially completed. Still have directions to design and insert. I also have to take them to the post office to get weighed and then to get stamps, Then the fun task of addressing all of them.
2. Menus need to be completed. And designed. Along with bows need to be ordered. But they are all cut and ready to go!
3. I need to make favor tags for our take-out boxes. I also need to order the boxes and ribbon.
4. I need to go in for my first fitting on my dress. June 17th!
5. Bridesmaids dresses have been ordered. I can't wait to post a picture of them! We got them around 100 bucks at Dillards! And they are in my colors! And my sisters love them!
6. Need to find jewelry for them and also get their gifts in order.
7. Make the programs. Page 1 has been completed. Just need to finalize pages 2, 3, and 4 and then print.
8. Find candy scoops. Anyone have a good place for this? Also need to order candy! Kroger and bulk candy is going to be my friend.
9. Do a menu testing on rehearsal dinner food and also the wedding food. Need to call both places.
10. Complete the rest of the centerpieces and have them all in the boxes ready to go.
11. Come up with a music list to give to the DJ. Dreading this one.
12. Start marriage counseling.
13. Start coming up with fun things to do for my bacholorette party. My sisters and I are going to plan it.
14. Go pick out and get the tuxes ready for the boys. Decided on Street Tuxedo for their outfits. Brown Tuxes and an orange vest, then groom is going to wear a black tux with a white vest.
15. Make place cards for everyone for the rehearsal dinner.
16. Start on the slideshow for the rehearsal dinner and find a song that works for that.
17. Find a cake person! Find a cupcake person. Also come up with a design that is likable by both parties..
18. NWR: FH having surgery next weekend, so I'm going to be preoccupied with that, and then 4 weekends after that we are going to be moving into our first place.

Wow. So maybe I have more things to get done than I thought. Oh well, there are times in the day when it will be completed! But for now, I must get ready for work :)
4.5 months left..
and i'm not freaking out..
We have 4.5 months left. 136 days. It's all flying by too fast, but I'm honestly pretty glad about it. I'm getting very tired of all the planning, and I know I haven't done nearly a lot of work as I started out doing.

So what have I done.
Invitations - Well I have assembled and put together 100 invitations, minus the direction cards. That also include 120 thank you cards which were folded and put into envelopes. I have addressed all the post cards for the RSVP cards. And I have cut out all the labels for the outer portion and started on the belly band section.

Bridesmaids - well thats still a work in progress. Can't find an outfit that we can all agree upon. I found one I love, with fabric, but its around 160 to make it and it might not be in the budget. I think its totally do able. Maybe sometime in June we will have a decision made.. hopefully.

Centerpieces - everything is bought and I'm in the process of putting everything into the correct boxes so everyone knows what all goes on each table. I have hurricane vases, a pillar candle, a napkin, 100 rose petals, and a pound of amber rocks that are going on each table times 16 tables. (by the way, I will sell any of this after October 2nd.. if anyone is interested!)

Programs - I have printed off pages 1 (welcome) and 4 (thank you) sections. I'm going to wait on 2 and 3 until I am certain everyone in the wedding party is good and we have the ceremony order all lined up. Those will be fun to work on. Anyone have a good website for finding rust colored ribbon? I want to use that as the fastening portion at the top of the layered programs, instead of what comes in it.

My Dress - Its something I haven't talked about. Mainly due to keeping it a huge surprise from everyone. I will let you know this: Its been discontinued. It is a size 8 street size.. Did I mention I was a size 2. So needless to say in just a few weeks I will see what it really looks like on me. Little nervous I might not love it.. it has been since Jan since I've seen it.. and it was so huge on me!

Candy Buffet - I'm working on that. I have 4 bowls that I have bought thanks to TJMaxx and Marshals and I have picked up the scoops from a website. When they get here I will post pictures. I am working on the thank you labels right now and I also have what type of candy is going into each bowl written down. Still trying to figure out when to order it all. And I've also got a website where I can get 200 1/2 pint chinese take out boxes for 28 dollars.. with shipping being next day!! ( just in case it pops at you!

Oh and my future sister in law gets married in less than 2 months. I'm very excited for her. I'm also excited to see how her wedding turns out.

And beyond that I'm not doing much. I'm ready to say I do. For me to stop leaving him at night, and everything else a wedding entails. Still got a while to go :(
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NWR: Little Moments..
So me and FH love to watch TV series. So in the past it has been Everybody Loves Raymond but recently it has been Bones. I saw it one day on Fox and since I love medical stuff, I got hooked fast! So I told him about it, cuz of course he calls me right when the good stuff happens, and I have to let him go. So we are talking about it and he's like yea, its a good show. So we find season one and two at target for 30 total, and we are already though season 1 and on the first episode of season 2. But that brings me to this. Its during these moments when I'm laying there and we are watching a TV show that I feel most connected with him and I can't wait for him to be my husband!

So ladies: When do you feel the most connected with your FH and what TV shows do you like watching together :)
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Chinese Take Out Boxes..
So I'm planning on doing a candy buffet. And I am wanting guests to bring home the candy. So my thoughts started thinking what type of object can guests transport that candy back and forth in that is inexpensive but practical for them. And then it hit me! Chinese Take Out Boxes. . . only I'm having a hard time deciding. I'm planning on getting standard white.. and then putting our label monogram on them and calling it quits, but my question is.. what size!?!

A half a pint or a pint?!?!

Any ideas ladies?!?
Guest Book
I have been going back and forth on what style guest book I want. I know I wanted one with 3 or 4 questions. To include their name, where they came from, how they know the bride and groom, and also any wishes for the happy couple. I also want a picture or two that can go on the page either from the wedding, or an engagement picture. I had already purchased one, but I'm not fully happy with the way it turned out. I'm sure I could do something with it, but I'm just not happy with it.

So I was surfing ETSY the other night and came across this one:

She has everything that I want. You can customize the fabric on the front to match your wedding. She has the page layouts that I like. I'm probably going to order from her, and do the 4 section question layout. It has everything I want. From questions, a picture on one side, and a scrapbook idea. Just thought I would pass this along for anyone who is stumped for a guest book. I can't wait to order, but first I have to come up with what fabric I like! :) Oh and they range from $39 to $49 and you have to allow about a month to process them. Hope this helps someone!
apartments (2)
apartments (2)
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Looking for A Place
I like to think that I'm not being too picky, but it seems like ever since we started apartment hunting we have been fighting more and more. Is it really that hard to find a place like this in greater Nashville for under 800 a month?!?!

We are not going to buy a house, because we will be moving in about 2 years and I don't want to worry about selling it then. I don't know what the economy will be like. Also for the tax credit I know you have to live in it for 3 years, else I would just buy it for that reason :) So that is why renting an apartment is in, and buying a house is out :(

Things I would like in our first place:
- a dining room
- washer and dryer room, with washer and dryer included
- 1 or 2 bedrooms with 1 or 2 baths. (I don't know about having 2 bedrooms when we won't have company coming over that much and we can just put them in the sofa sleeper in the living room. But at the same time a place for office work would be great!)
- I would like it to be on the 2nd level, and I've actually seen apartments that have 1st floor entrances that have stairs inside your place that lead to the 2nd floor. So that style would be cool.
- i want a deep sink, but its not a deal breaker.
- and I want to move away from the college scene. We live right down the road from the university and it gets loud at night with parties. Hopefully moving on the other side of town will decrease the noise levels.
and beyond that I don't know. I have found so many apartments that have this or that, and not that. So I'm trying to decide on what is important to me, and what I can live with and live without. That's hard!

Is it really that hard to find all that in an apartment that doesn't cost an arm and a leg? So that leads me to this ladies.
What was your first apartment like? How big? Give me details? I want to know sq footage, was it too big, too small? What was included? Things of that like? :) Any advice also? Thanks girls!
A Monthly Update :)
219 days to go!
So we have the florist contract! YAY!

We have the centerpieces idea. I was able to find hurricane vases for about 5 dollars each, so now my idea will end up costing around 200 for 16 tables, compared to the 300 like I thought it was going to! Yay for saving money.

I am in the process of working on finding a DJ. Do you honestly think a DJ is needed or is that an added expense?

The save the dates are going out in the mail sometime next week! So I can finally cross that off the list.

I have also found a wedding coordinator that I am interested in using! So yay to that one also! :)

My dress is in the works of being altered, and we are working on finding bridesmaids dresses for my sisters to wear. Groomsmen outfits will be done in probably July.

And I think that wraps everything up! Hope everyone is doing well! :)
thinking my bouquet
the calla lilies would be taken out and exchanged with white dahlias
thinking my bouquet the calla lilies would be taken out and exchanged with white dahlias
my sisters.. maybe.. I'm not sure. I just really like the colors.
K's bout, only it would be in white
groomsmen bout. I love the little bead looking things. I would order those in cocco! :)
thinking my bouquet
the calla lilies would be taken out and exchanged with white dahliasmy sisters.. maybe.. I'm not sure.  I just really like the colors.K's bout, only it would be in whitegroomsmen bout.  I love the little bead looking things.  I would order those in cocco! :)
Wedding Flowers
I think I have decided on flowers! I'm kind of excited! This to me, was probably the hardest part! I don't know flowers. I don't know what looks good together. I didn't know if I wanted silk or real or what I wanted! Who would have thought it would be this hard? Really? I mean it is just flowers. So anyway, I am in love with Calli Lilies, but those are so expensive, they are out of budget. So I have decided on orange roses, orange Gerber Daisies, and white dihlias. And maybe a few yellow roses just for fun! I don't want a plain white bouquet because those bruise easy and I really don't want everything on me to be white! So the first pic is what I want my bouquet to look like. I wouldn't have the calla lilies, but this is the general idea I'm trying to get across.

My sisters bouquet might be a smaller version of this. I really like the colors. They pop, and they would look perfect against the brown dresses.. we have yet to find! :)

Then K would a simple white bout. Either a spider mum or a dahlia. I love how full and open they are, so I'm still unsure about that.

Then the groomsmen would wear a simple orange rose, with tints of yellow at the tip. They would also have the berry things, in cocco, like the picture shows.

Now, to go and get a few quotes from florists and then to decide on which one has the best deal!

I feel like I'm getting a lot of done. Which is good, since school just started back. Going part time, working part-time, looking for a better part time job, and everything else I have going on! Anyway, just wanted to update y'all!

Hope everyone else is doing great! :)
Update On It All
photography, registry, flowers, centerpieces oh my!
So, we have decided on a photographer who is AMAZING and she did our engagement pictures. I am so happy how they turned out! Not to mention she is a family friend. Which makes it awesome because I am already comfortable around her.

I have started on our registry. Is there any suggestions or advice you guys can give on this? Things that work good for you, or didn't work? Places that are amazing, places that need to be avoided?

I have also been looking at flowers. I have yet to go to a florist, but I will do that in January, sometime. I know I want orange flowers. I'm thinking Gerber Daisies and Carnations. Maybe a few white roses, but I know white flowers tend to bruise easily and don't make for the best pictures. I am still trying to find an idea on-line that I really like, but I can't seem to find them. Oh well I will keep looking.

We have decided on our centerpieces. They are going to be very simple. A brown napkin under a 10 inch lily bowl. We are going to get some orange crystals and sprinkle them on the table. Then we are going to fill up the bottom of the lily bowl with orange rocks and then put distilled water into it. And then have floating candles on top. Best part is: I can do all this for about 10 bucks a centerpiece, which is good since I need about 12 of them ;) Much better than the 700 florists want to charge!

We still haven't finalized the guest list yet, but I'm sure I will find time to sit down with both sets of parents and work on that. I also need to make certain that I have everyone's names correct and children s name.

Oh and I finally get to go dress shopping on Jan 4th! It will make it almost exactly 9 months till the wedding. I have been wanting to go since October, but no one can find time to all get together. I am so excited about it! I have a few ideas on how I want it to look, but ya never know. I know I want A-line, and from there I'm not sure. Like the beading at the top of the boobs.. and who knows. I need to try them on to be certain. I just hope I can make up my mind :)

Anyone else amazed at how fast the time goes when you are planning a wedding? I honestly can't believe that on Christmas it will be 5 months from when he proposed to me! 5 months has almost gone by! Aghh! I love him :)


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