This is 2010bride's Black Wedding!

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Ring Barrier
Ring barrier
Ladies I would like for my ring barrier to wear knicker , newsboy cap and etc. I want t him to look like these little boys in this pic . I have search high and low I cant find anything like it if anyone know please feel free to help time is getting near.
rose petals
rose petals
Wedding Decoration
Hello Ladies I need your help again. Im looking for silk red roses petals in bulk for cheap. I also want some that look good not cheap looking so if you have purchased some or know someone one thar has please feel free to let me know .Thanks in advance !
tom ford
tuxtom ford
Ask a Question
Hello ladies I know that it has been awhile, I took another break . I have a question . I was in a friends wedding this week and I got a good look at rental tux and the look like the 80's prom . Her colors were coral and ivory . I didn't think it was a good look ,not the wedding just the tux . I dont think I want to rent . The cost of rental is 150 dollars,with that price plus you can get you a nice black suit and you get to keep it. Ladies please help me, let me know what you think. I want the wedding party to look nicea. I have a thing about shoes and those black rental shoes isn't the elegant look that Im looking for. Pic number 2 is how I would like the wedding party to look well the guys anyway. lol
Black Save the Dates
Black Save the DatesBlack Save the DatesBlack Save the DatesBlack Save the Dates
Save the Dates
Save the date pictures came out ok . We will be taking engagement pictures on a later date . Just some to share with you guys tell me what you think ?
Ok ladies I have started my work out ! I dont know how many of you guys have heard of P90X. Let me tell you today was my first day and I'm sooooooooo very sore , I did "Chest and Back ' I can't even pick up my daughter . The work out is suppose to hav e you looking great in three months its very hard core . If you think that you're ready to bring it then go out and get P90X. Ok I'm a size 11 and 12 now I weant to get back down to a size 8 . Ithink I will be able to do that I also have to watch what I eat also ,that will be the hardest part we will see.
Hello ladies of WBC ! I was wondering if any other brides out there have a theme for there wedding day. I do our theme is PAST,PRESENT AND FUTURE. Thats what the colors of my wedding symbolize. Black is past, Red present and White future.
Black Thanks goes out !!!!
Thanks goes out !!!!
Thanks goes out to all the mother of the brides!
November Brides !!!!!
Hello to all November brides we have 8 months to go it will be here before you know it !!!
Black DIY Wedding
DIY Wedding
First DIY ladies meet my POMANDERS !!!!! I'm so excited about my first DIY. Please tell me what you think ladies those are for the flower girls.
bride and groom
bride and groom
Who name should go first ?
Who name should go first and why ?
Who name should go first and why ? I heard that the grooms name should go first ,I have also heard that the brides name should ? If any one knows please let me know which one and why ?


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