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which one should I use as Thank you card?!?

Mirco and I are planning for a Thank You Christmas Card to send to all of our guests on our Wedding Day and to everyone who made this day so memorable to us ( vendors included!). But... we are just "in trouble" finding the perfect pict. I guess the main problem is that we have tooo many picts. ...lol...

But... I am quiete sure you, wbc brides and friends, will help us out!!!

Please, remember that we may be using more than one pict!

Help us and let the vote begin!!!!

Thank you!!!
tiggre99's Red wedding
 |  Herndon, VA, USA  |  11/10/2009  | 
I like #1 (romantic), #4 (it's fun!), #6 (Kind of casual), and #7 (a cute pic of you two).  I know...not much help huh?!  lol   I guess it all depends on what type of feel you are going for in your letters.  :-)  GOod luck..I can see why it's tough.
hamptonsbabe's Orange wedding
 |  Morris plains, NJ, USA  |  11/10/2009  | 
090909= congrats! I'm 9.10.10. lol.

The first one is supersweet.  The last one is also awesome.  

Love your orange flowers. I'm an orange bride.

Only joy & happiness to you & yours!!
aimee114's Pink wedding
 |  Winnipeg, MB, Canada  |  11/10/2009  | 
go with the first one! xo xo xo
trt117's Blue wedding
 |  Pensacola, FL, USA  |  11/10/2009  | 
My favorite is 13!!
gorgeous6's Pink wedding
 |  Houston, TX, USA  |  11/10/2009  | 
Congrats sweetie! I like one or thirteen!
tobemrsnuss's Blue wedding
 |  Athens, GA, USA  |  11/10/2009  | 
I like no 19
kaylad's Black wedding
 |  Holden, MA, USA  |  11/10/2009  | 
My fav is #13
erichspinkprincess's Pink wedding
 |  Baton rouge, LA, USA  |  01/19/2010  | 
4 is completely awesome! I like 12 and 13 if you arent going for the funny type!!
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